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#Porkmafia - Memphis Mud

Memphis Mud is great on pork, chicken, or anything you can think of!

3 Puttin Piggies Rub

3 Puttin Piggies Rub is a blend of the brown sugar, paprika, cinnamon and spices.

Bad Bryon's Butt Rub
Bad Byron's Butt Rub This authentic Texas-style barbecue rub is sure to have them coming back for seconds.
Bad Bryon's Jubilee Seafood Seasoning
From South Texas to South Florida, Southern cooking traditions meet the Gulf's bounty with great exuberance.
Bad Byron's Butt Rub 26oz

Bad Byron's Butt Rub This authentic Texas-style barbecue rub is sure to have them coming back for seconds.

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Seasoning
Apply liberally to any meat, poultry, or fish thirty minutes before cooking and you too can have blue ribbon results. Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q Seasoning and Dry Rub is also great on vegetables or any dish you would normally use salt.
Blues Hog Dry Rub
Great all around rub by the makers of Blues Hog Barbeque Sauce.
Boars Night Out White Lightning

This is one of the base layers in Boars Night Out's Winning Recipe!  Its good as a flavor layer on all bbq meats as well as vegetables, and seafood. 

Butcher BBQ Premium Rub
This rub is specially designed to be used with injections. A sweet flavor with a real kick at the end.
Butcher BBQ Steak and Brisket Rub
Spices used for decades in Texas for brisket cooking can't be wrong. Use this on your long and slow cooks and also for grilling. Also goes well on poultry and pork!
Cavender's Original Seasoning
Cavender's Greek Seasoning is an ideal choice for those wanting to add a bit of exotic spice to their cooking.
Cavender's Salt-Free
Cavender's seasoning is as distinctive in the foods of today as those prepared for the feasts of the ancient Greeks.
Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust
Dizzy Dust is an all purpose rub designed for all of your flavoring needs.
Dizzy Pig Raging River
Raging River, while designed for salmon, is really an all purpose rub that seems to have very few limits.
Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin
Tsunami has uses limited only by your imagination. Our customers report it being excellent on a wide range of foods.