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Everything But the Meat


Memphis Barbeque Supply is more than just a retail outlet. We are a source for all cooks from first-timers to professionals.

We can teach you how to:
  • Grill a steak.
  • Smoke a shoulder.
  • Barbeque fall-off-the-bone ribs.
  • Cook the juiciest chicken.
  • Deep fry a turkey.
  • Pick the right wood
  • And so much more!!

Your grill can be used for so much more than burgers and hot dogs! We want to make grilling and barbequing available to all cooks...not just a few.

We offer demonstration cooking sessions throughout the year showcasing the different grills and smokers we carry along with the different rubs and sauces. We will update our blog with cooking tips and videos to help our customers elevate their cooking experience.